Summer Bloom

  Find all you need at Gowanlea to bring bold colour to your flower beds and hanging baskets. Or make a statement with our huge range of ornamental pieces - if you want it in your summer garden you'll find it at Gowanlea

Bedding Plants at Gowanlea


Bedding plants can be planted in a border, a hanging basket, flower beds or containers and they are great flowering plants that will give you a stunning colour display for a few months.

Pansies are excellent bedding plants as they will also flower through the Winter as most bedding plants are used for Spring or Summer flowering.

You can plant between mature shrubs and perennials lovely varieties such as Petunias, Lobelia, Geraniums, Marigolds, Alyssum and Fuchsias and once they finished flowering they can be composted.

Hanging Baskets

Available During Summer Months to order


Hanging Baskets are a hugely popular way to bring colour and decor to the outside of your home where there may not be space for a planter or flower bed.  A huge variety of ready made baskets are available at Gowanlea or alternatively they can be made specifically to suit your tastes and budget. We also offer a service of planting up your hanging baskets, this means you can simply drop off your empty basket with us and we will bring it to life in a dazzling flash of colours which you can choose.

Stones Sheds and Soils


As we all know every great garden is built from the soil up - and here at Gowanlea we offer all the materials you need to give it the best possible start.  From soil treatments and fertilizer to top soil and peat we aim to bring only the highest quality brand names at the best local price.  Our great choice of gardening supplies are available to see in-store all year round.


To transform any outdoor space from good to great - the key is in the smaller details.  Decorative stones are a simple yet fantastic landscaping feature and they're perfect for breaking up paved areas and modernizing spaces.  Pebbles and Cobbles are a popular choice when sprucing up flower beds and water features, when dry these products provide texture and colour and are also further enhanced when wet by changing shade and feel.  Our Gravel and Granite offer an amazing array of vivid colours from pure whites to glittering golds, striking reds and deep blues you are guaranteed to find the perfect compliment to your existing garden or the base for a bold new feature.
Pop in in-store for a look at our full range and information on local delivery.


Working hand in hand with two of Scotlands leading Shed and Summerhouse manufacturers and fitters Gowanlea has long acted as agents to these fantastic companies - providing high quality timber sheds and an unrivaled  service throughout the nation.
Simply pop in-store where you will find a small display of the most popular products.  Talk to our friendly team who will then advise you on the perfect shed for you.  We will then make all necessary arrangements and have your perfect shed with you in no time.