Seeds and Saplings

Bulbs seeds and saplings - the gardeners first chance of the year to really flex those green fingers. Find a huge variety of essentials to kickstart the growing season in our shop.

Horticultural Trades Association

Coming Soon


A huge name in the Gardening world and an association which we are looking forward to working with in the near future.  We hope to work closely with them to broaden our knowledge when it comes to all things horticultural and soon you'll be able to use the National Garden Gift Vouchers to purchase all your seeds and bulbs from Gowanlea.  Keep your eyes peeled for information on when we will be working with this great Company.

Seeds, Saplings and Bulbs

Buy your seeds and bulbs from Gowanlea for guaranteed colour and quality


With such a fabulous range of seeds and bulbs available here at Gowanlea its a wonder that the gardens of Renfrewshire aren't overgrown with beautiful blooms of vibrant colour and life. 

Our seed packs come fully quality assured to deliver seedlings from almost every seed when planted correctly and all instructions can be found on the pack and the team at Gowanlea are always on hand to offer advice in planting.  Our full range of seeds are available in-store, we stock all traditional seeds and we also have the option to order in specific plants in seed form to suit your needs.
Bulbs are also incredibly popular with growers as they tend to be a little more hardy, forgiving and reliable the firm favourites are all available at Gowanlea from Daffodils to Hyacinths with many varieties available to order.