In our shop

        There is always something going on at our shop here at Gowanlea and no two days are ever the same. However we do promise a consistent range of beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables, free range eggs, fresh flowers, garden sundries, gifts, cuddly toys, luxurious chocolates, and our friendly, welcoming team of staff.

Local Fruit and Veg

     At Gowanlea we are passionate about local producers and high quality local seasonal produce. Wee handpick only the freshest seasonal produce from local farms and farmer markets to ensure you will only find the highest quality produce in our store. Most of our stocked potatoes are grown only a few miles away from our shop and the fruit and veg on our shelves are picked daily from the market.

Free Range Eggs

     Over the years we have noticed that our free range eggs are a firm favourite. We think that this is because of the consistent supply, all year round, and the guarantee of freshness and quality with every egg. Why not call in and try one yourself?

Cuddly Toys

     Another great gift idea, cuddly toys are often an intimate and affectionate way of giving a loved one some comfort. Paired with flowers or chocolates, as a gift, you will be sure to make a lasting impression. Our soft handcrafted toys are also a great gift to give when celebrating the arrival of a newborn and we can also arrange for filled balloons to really mark the occasion.

Jams and Jars

      We have a huge selection of jams and jars in the shop with plenty of choice both sweet and savoury. Our fruit jams are known to be full of flavour and better tasting due to the high quality of ingredients used. Our local honey is also another great seller, and honeycomb is also available from the local honey farm. We also stock a variety of chutneys which are again hand made from the finest ingredients.

Taste of Arran

      "A Taste of Arran" brings together food & drink producers from the Scottish Isle of Arran, and acts as the single point for sales, marketing and distribution.  At Gowanlea we stock a small selection of our hand picked favourites from the Dairy and Jam collections.  The products are lovingly handmade on the tiny Scottish Island and are readily available in store.

Flowers by Margo

      Flowers are a big part in the make up of our shop. The vibrant colours catch your eye on the way in and the beautiful aroma stays with you even after you have left. We have a beautiful range which we felt deserved its own page - why not take a look over at -