Autumn Cleanup

With the summer sun slowly becoming a distant memory the gardeners plight is far from over. As we look out our rakes and start cutting back our perennials Gowanlea are still here stocking all the products for garden care through Autumn. Fall is a busy time in the garden, clearing away the decaying vegetation of the summer and preparing the garden for the cold winter months ahead. Let the big clear up begin!

Autumn Flowers

Chrysanthemum balls lead the way to a brighter garden during the Autumn months, whilst hardy cyclamen are great for adding subtle petals to your borders when lovingly placed between perennials. Pansy and violas are of course another staple plant in the Autumn garden and we will be running many deals one these plants all year round

With an even bigger selection of autumn plants, conifers, bulbs and more in our shop, adding bursts of colour and texture around your garden couldn't be easier at Gowanlea. If you're looking for some guidance and advice of what to plant, where and when our friendly staff in-store are happy to help you pick out the plants that work for you.

Lawn and Soil care

Autumn is the perfect time to tend to a lacklustre lawn and at Gowanlea you'll find all the feeds and equipment you'll need to do this.  From moss killer to limestone you'll find it all in our store as well as some free advice so that you can attack that grass in complete confidence.

It may also be time to pay some attention to the soil in your garden as after a busy summer the soil can end up in a less than prime growing condition.  Again all feeds and soil treatments can be found in Gowanlea meaning you can inject some much needed nutrients into the soil allowing you to make the best use of it year after year.

Winter Wildlife

By putting out additional food, gardeners can make a significant contribution to supporting wildlife over winter. It is also a great way to watch wildlife even in the smallest of gardens or balconies, often at very close quarters. Theres a huge range of bird feeds, feeders and baths available in store.
Encouraging birds into the garden can help with garden pest problems on top of providing natural entertainment all from your window